HCMC Information sheet – 29th March 2020




Morning Prayer will be said daily at 9am by our Ministry Team and Night Prayer at the end of each day.


So that you may join them from your own home, you can find a copy of these services on the website – www.HartlandCoastChurches.org - where you will also find the latest information and rulings from the Diocese and above. Tricia will also be happy to email you a copy if you write to the office address, hartlandcoastparishes@gmail.com. Copies were printed off on Monday, before the lockdown, so you may be able to get hold of one from the clergy.


Please also send a request to the above address if you would like to be included on the mailing list for this weekly information sheet or the Hartbeat magazine.


Annual Parochial Church Meetings.


It has now been confirmed that Annual Parochial Church Meetings (including electoral roll revision and elections), which have not already taken place, may be postponed until October 31st. Electoral Officers will need to work on the revised roll again before the deferred APCM. Unfortunately, the collating of forms is 28 days prior to the APCM, so quite specific and can’t be carried over from before April.


Accounts and Annual Reports still need to be completed and sent to the Deanery Treasurer after approval by the PCC.


Diocesan meetings are proceeding on Zoom and the recommendation is that PCC members download Zoom so that meetings can be facilitated to agree accounts wherever this has yet to happen and enable a joined-up conversation - perhaps between Church Wardens and a Treasurer or between members about a deferred event or summer fete. Jane, Madeline and Jane are becoming regular users of Zoom. Madeline and Jane S are committed to, but struggling with, Facebook – please pray for us!


With all the information being sent to us, Jane asks us all to keep in touch with one another for support!


Hartland Coast Mission Community on Facebook


We have created a Facebook group to make communication easier. Groups are not open to the public, so only those with a genuine connection to our churches will be allowed to join and read our posts.


In the group we can share stories (funny or otherwise), pictures and ideas to encourage one another in these peculiar times. The space will also be used to support us all by publishing prayers and giving out information. It may even provide the wherewithal to live-stream a service …


For some, Facebook is a scary monster, but, used in this way it would enable us all to keep in touch and stave off the feeling of isolation which some may fear experiencing.


You do need to create (or have) a Facebook account in order to join, but this does not, as some may fear, open you to all manner of intrusion. Apart from your name (no pseudonyms!) and email address, you aren't required to give Facebook any information - and it is not necessary to publish any personal information at all - just make sure you select these settings when you join.From your Privacy Settings page, you can ensure that your profile won't turn up in the results of searches by strangers, preventing people from finding you via email or phone, and preventing search engines from linking to your profile. You can also keep people from tagging you and even block people who cause you trouble. With these settings turned on, people can find your profile only if you post somewhere with it – and there is no need to be active in this MC group, you can just use it as a viewer. There is also the facility to use it for private messages.


Please look on Facebook for Hartland Coast Mission Community and ask to join the group. For any more help with the ins and outs, contact Jane Hayes or Tricia Oakley.


Don’t forget the prayerline and asking for particular concerns and people to be prayed for. Margaret Rickard is still included and, along with the Readers, is available for support.


Weddings & Baptisms are being postponed and Funerals proceed with strict limitations – only next of kin or equivalent at Crematorium or Graveside. Contact Tricia with any queries.