Services during the Covid-19 restrictions

Our clergy conduct a brief Prayer Service every morning and evening/night - this is part of their normal work.  It was hoped that the congregations of the Community would be able to participate in some of these services, if only as spectators at a safe distance.  However, our churches, and even the Church Rooms in Hartland, are now shut by government instruction. 

Our clergy will still be saying these prayers in private.   So we include the Service Sheets below so that people can say their own prayers using them and/or join with the clergy in spirit.

Additionally, on Sunday evenings at 5pm, Madeline will host a conference call to provide a Compline Service using the text under the button to the right (this has recently been enhanced and extended). 

Madeline reminds us that to access this Service we should wait till 5pm on Sunday and then telephone 0330 606 0403, and then when prompted dial the access code which is 428915#.  >>>