News from the Parishes 15/11:  

Clovelly and Alwington:

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York and senior church leaders

have called a month of Prayer for the Nation during the second

lockdown.  The suggestion is that as many of us as possible unite to do this at 6pm each day.  These prayers and themes are offered as tools to enable all to participate and are intended simply as suggestions.

Mission Community Information Sheet for 15th November

Services in all the Community Churches for November

To prepare for the reopening of our Churches, a detailed risk assessment has been conducted at each of them.   The standard applied can be seen here for the first three:

The Exeter Diocese maintains links with the Diocese of Thika in Southern Kenya, near Nairobi.  Thika is an agricultural processing centre particularly in horticulture and pineapple (exported mainly to Europe), coffee (exports mainly to the United States and Europe), cooking oils (to the rest of Kenya and eastern Africa) and animal feed processing. Other industries include textile (cotton), macadamia nuts, wheat, tannery, motor vehicle assemblies, cigarette manufacturing, bakeries, packaging and industrial chemicals. About 100 small-scale industries and about 20 major factories exist in and around the town.   For further details of the diocesan links, click the following web address -

Posters are available here for the new free services being offered by DEVON PARTNERSHIP NHS TRUST.   There is a 'talking therapy' service, and a service to help people cope with a long term health problem.

Here is a two-poster summary of the Countryside Code - you may have the opportunity to display this so that visitors (and others!) can see it:

Some of you may have participated in the recent "Answers on a Post-card" exercise. Postcard images were used to prompt groups of us to make responses about the current state and expected future of the Church and similar topics.   At the recent Deanery Synod we received feedback about our outputs, summarised aptly as Four "Mirrors" to show us what we said.   These reflections are summarised in the document you can see here: 

Special News - list of graves and memorials at St Nectan's Church, Stoke

Joy Cooper had the idea that a register of graves and memorials in the Church would be a valuable document and she was joined in this endeavour by Kay Greenish, one of the Churchwardens.  They compiled a list of the names and dates in the churchyard and inside the Church itself, and they recently updated it.   It comprises getting-on for 2000 items in an Excel spreadsheet available under the button below.   

The columns in the sheet show:

  • A number which can be used to find the item

  • Surname

  • First Names

  • Month and date of death

  • Year of death

  • Age at death

  • Where they lived

  • Occupation

  • Relation description

  • Related to

Of course, not all of the information is available and some has been lost to time.  The earliest grave with an identifiable date is that of Charles Carter who died in 1738 at the age of 64, but there are undoubtedly earlier examples if they could be read.  The most recent are those for 2019, and Kay will continue the update process as time permits.

If you click on the left-hand button below an outline map will display the major areas of the churchyard in relation to the church.   These areas each have a single letter code which is the first character of the Grave reference shown in the Spreadsheet of Grave details.  The right-hand button will show the Spreadsheet itself.  It will be displayed immediately if you use the Chrome Browser with the Office Online extension.  Otherwise it will be downloaded to your machine, where it can be viewed using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

If you find the list particularly valuable or interesting please consider making a donation to church funds.    BACS donations should be sent to:

Sort Code: 30-90-78

A/C Number: 01158740

A/C Name: PCC Hartland a/c

Reference: Churchyard