Recent Events

A New Rector for the Hartland Mission Community!


The Bishop of Exeter and a great assembly of patrons, churchwardens, high-ranking and local clergy and representatives of all the congregations, instituted the Reverend Jane Skinner into the Rectorship of our Mission Community, on 26th November.

Jane has been Team Vicar in the Golden Cap Team in the Diocese of Salisbury.  Her husband Stephen has been Rector in Lyme Regis.  He has now retired and Jane is now the boss! 

You can see her here on the left, with the Bishop and an array of the usual suspects!

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Early on the morning of 21st April 2019 lots of people from local churches (and none) gathered on the clifftop as always to welcome the Son/Sun on Easter Day.   The sky was helpful and there was the usual fine breakfast.


1 -The moon is shining at the start...

2 - The pre-dawn mist has enough light to see the church and landscape

3 - The Sun makes his initial, partial appearance

4 - The Sun has fully returned.